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Who is Lettering Buff ?

Something that happened so organically was the journey from Inpreet Kaur to Lettering Buff which began in 2018 as a Grad student and is still going on as a charming grace. Lettering buff has worked and grown in a lot of creative projects that consist of Calligraphy and various water color art.

This work is a product of immense practice and patience. Starting from constant urge to learn and create to evolving ones own personal style statement with a personalized touch to the art there is a long way to go and hence every creative project is welcomed here.

- Love,

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Our Team.

Welcome to our dynamic calligraphy team, where creativity thrives and collaboration reigns supreme. Led by our founder and CEO, Inpreet, alongside our talented calligrapher Inder and dedicated brand manager Prarthna, we embody a culture of passion, kindness, and hard work. Together, we craft exquisite pieces, manage our brand with finesse, and support each other's growth every step of the way. Join us as we make our mark in the world of calligraphy, one stroke at a time.

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