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From Inpreet To Letteringbuff: Story Of An Indian Calligraphy Artist

Updated: 13 hours ago

Interested to know how Letteringbuff came about?

Young Inpreet was an artist and dreamer who aspired to reach the stars. However, as life happened, she realized she had to make a decision about whether to follow her dreams and take the unconventional path, or pursue the same route as many others had done before her.

In her second year of college, she reached a point where she could no longer suppress her creative urges and had to find a way to express them. Little did Inpreet know, this marked the birth of Letteringbuff.

It began with doodling and scribbling on notebook covers, progressing to drawings in diaries and even on her friends' hands. That is how devoted to art she was!

But like any other art form, its full potential can only be realized through allowing your creativity to run wild and through constant practice—and failure.

From Inpreet’s gallery (2016-2018)

When she initially discovered calligraphy on Instagram back in early 2016, she became intrigued. Countless sleepless nights were spent with her poring over every article, tutorial, and video she could find on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Facebook because she was determined to learn everything there was to know about the art.

Her nights were spent dreaming of the future as an Indian calligraphy artist, which she was secretly working so hard to achieve, and her days were occupied with post-graduate coursework. It's what passion does to you.

She did work for a corporate company for a short while after earning her master's degree, but she quit her job to pursue her passion for art. The days that followed were difficult as she had to put in a lot of practice to become an expert in the craft and achieve unparalleled precision as an Indian calligraphy artist.

The next step was to market her skills once she had gained confidence in them. However, where and how could she find clients? Particularly considering that the calligraphy market wasn't as developed as it is today.

So, she did the next best thing. She started working on personal projects for her family and friends and posted her work on Instagram. She was rising from being unknown to becoming a well-known and adored Indian calligraphy artist, all thanks to the same Instagram that ignited her dreams.

Awestruck by her talent and skills, clients began approaching her as her Instagram following grew and she gained recognition, hoping that she would work her magical talent for them as well. She consistently delivered on her promises.

Her following and clientele gradually expanded over the course of eight years. Yet with persistent work, Inpreet managed to grow her company from serving individual customers to corporate brands and collaborating with several well-known wedding and event coordinators to provide live engraving services.

With unwavering determination, Inpreet gradually carved out a niche and established herself as India's beloved calligrapher and engraving artist, known as Letteringbuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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