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3 Things To Ensure Before Booking A Live Engraving Station

Updated: 9 hours ago

Are you looking for creative ideas to make your event special?

These days, clients are searching for interesting wedding carnival activities, and live engraving is unquestionably one of the hottest options.

A live engraving station could make all the difference to your event; guests will be fascinated with the live engraving and will always cherish their personalized memento.

But what are some points you should note before booking an engraving stall for your event? Let’s find out.

Live engraving station

Tips Before You Book A Live Engraving Station


1.     Skills Of The Artist

The skills of the artist matter the most if you’re planning to keep a live engraving station at your event. This is significant because the gifts will serve as lifelong souvenirs for the guests and the bride and groom.

Some artists begin offering live engraving services in the early stages of their career and the quality of their work reflects this.

However, a skilled engraving artist is one who can experiment with various calligraphy flourishes and styles without sacrificing the final product's quality.

Before moving forward with the artist, you must make sure that their work is visually appealing and suits you. To validate their work, request sample images and videos.


2.     Artist’s Experience

The way an artist works often gives you an idea of their skill level, but it takes more than that to manage an on-site engraving stall effectively.

Working on individual orders in the comfort of your studio is a completely different experience than engraving live in front of hundreds of people, each of whom may have questions and unique requests for personalization.

Maintaining composure under pressure is a skill that engraving artists must possess.

Additionally, it is clear that time is of the utmost importance for a live engraving artist. There are enormous quantities to work on and the time is limited during such events.

To give you an idea, if an artist spends a minute engraving a single product, they’ll be able to cover about 100-120 products in 2 hours.

When it comes to engraving, experience counts. An experienced artist can cover up to 300 products in 1.5–2 hours, so if you have a larger quantity to work with, they might be a better fit for you.

Discuss these details with the artist before you book them for your event.

3.     Communication Skills

Artists need to be proficient communicators in addition to engravers. They must be able to interact with guests and understand their needs to carry out the event without a hitch.

When interacting with the guests, the artist should remain composed and courteous. If they have any setup requirements, they should also inform the event planner beforehand.

To avoid misunderstandings and clarify for all parties involved, the payment terms must be communicated clearly at the beginning.

Live Engraving station


You will undoubtedly find the perfect calligraphy artist to set up an engraving stall at your event and enhance the experience if you keep all of these things in mind when booking an artist.

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